My great aunt used to always say something like “If you want to see God laugh, make a plan.” While I’m all about strategic planning – sometimes plans change.

Some folks would have you believe that EVERYTHING is URGENT. Fuck. Those. People. Unless you are at a hospital dealing with actual life and death, I doubt anything is that urgent (and even then, it ain’t really on you). And the more we work ourselves into a tizzy over this culture of now, the more harm we’re likely doing to our health and humanity. Not to mention, our quality of work tends to suffer . . .


We tried rushing our is you free yet? workshop. Real. Talk. We thought we had to ride some imaginary momentum even though we actually did not have the time or capacity to promote and plan a workshop as full and comprehensive as we were dreaming. And guess what – we had to postpone the workshop. People didn’t register and then the few that did cancelled at the last minute.

I was mildly devastated.
I felt like a failure.

I sat in a coffee shop fighting back tears . . .

I was mildly devastated. I felt like a failure. I sat in a coffee shop fighting back tears because I knew I hadn’t given my best to the planning of this workshop. I was mad at ME. Thankfully, I’ve got a leadership team that holds me up and tells me when I’m being too hard on myself. It took some convincing (just bein honest) but eventually I accepted that I hadn’t failed and that we had in fact been offered an opportunity to do it even better.


Ironic, right? We forced a plan. We tried to meet the now. But what we really needed to do was BREATHE, listen, and find the time and space where the workshop fit. So NOW the workshop is in the summer and we got plenty space to make it ahhh-mazing. Follow us here and on the #PURPOSEgram to get a glimpse of what we’ll be offering in this two-day experience. We’re taking the time to share our process. You’ll get a chance to hear from our team. And while you do have some more time to register, don’t wait too long (especially if you’re interested in our barter options).

We hope you’ll join us June 24th & July 1st, and we hope you’re taking alllll the time you need to make your magic.

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