I had a great time interviewing with Dance Magazine‘s Ryan P. Casey about PURPOSE’s thriving practices, and offering tips for negotiating and naming your needs. Here’s a glimpse…

“Dancers and choreographers must be strong, clear communicators when it comes to negotiating contracts and agreements. That’s part of the philosophy espoused by A. Nia Austin-Edwards, the founder of PURPOSE Productions, a Brooklyn-based organization that provides strategic support to artists throughout the U.S.

One of the reasons many dance artists struggle to negotiate successfully for themselves is what Austin-Edwards refers to as a scarcity mindset. “The scarcity of work and money allows people to say yes to some really outrageous things,” she says. For example, dancers might accept a much smaller fee than what they feel they deserve, or tolerate body-shaming remarks from a choreographer because they reason “At least I have health insurance.”

Rather than feel pressured to say yes to whatever is presented to them, dance artists have to be clear about the space and time conditions that will allow them to thrive. Follow these five steps to set yourself up for a successful negotiation.”

Read the full article here or grab your copy of the November issue today!