We do what creatives and visionaries would rather not do themselves.

PURPOSE Productions is invested in the long term success and strategic development of creative visions, and our offerings align to that investment. We do not offer preset packages. PURPOSE’s collaborative work always depends on the goals, needs, and resources each vision has. The framework below provides a selection of our common services, but we always like to start with a conversation that includes questions such as: What kind of support do you need? What goals would you want us to help you meet? What is your definition of success? After each conversation we follow up with a proposal including rates that balance your available resources with the workload that aligns your needs and PURPOSE’s capacity. Our rates are somewhat negotiable and we are happy to discuss barters and other non-monetary exchanges.

The foundation of PURPOSE collaborations is the expertise of our individual team members alongside the broader support structure that PURPOSE Productions offers as a whole. While a sojourner (read: client) might be in communication with one person, for example, that person can quickly discuss and develop plans in collaboration with PURPOSE leadership or ask other team members to help in moments of unexpected shifts in capacity. Collaborating with PURPOSE Productions helps guarantee that the work gets done and is not solely reliant on one individual. PURPOSE Productions is, as The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond would say, a net that works.

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