We’re nearly one month away from our #bawse skills workshop!

We’ve been sharing glimpses of the experience on the #PURPOSEgram – from quotes that inspire us to videos of training memories. We figured what better way to let folks know what to expect than to have our team, who already took the journey, share some reflections on the process. Here’s what a few of them had to say about our methodology and practice:

The PURPOSE training journey allowed us to work as a team in ways that didn’t feel like a competition. Also, I like being fed so anytime food is involved, I’m better for it.

Tara L. Daniels, PURPOSE Organizer

We were able to be creative and carefree while developing and learning. In a lot of workshops and trainings I’ve experienced in the past, information was spouted at me in a very rigid and boring way. In this training, we experienced a free-flowing and comfortable environment where our ideas were able to flourish.

Regina E. Dowdell, PURPOSE Organizer

We cultivated a very intentional and open space for sharing, challenging, learning/unlearning, and creating. We had the freedom to express and exchange with no filter, and I walked away understanding that this practice is as liberating and beneficial to us as anyone we might engage with. Lastly, I was astonished by the breadth and wealth of knowledge in the room. I witnessed us collectively working toward the same goals and saw how that knowledge manifested through the work we did together.

Liz Law, PURPOSE Organizer

It was such a relief and encouragement that other people value work and labor in a similar way. One of the best gifts the PURPOSE training gave me was the affirmation that:
“Yes, I can thrive too.”

Denise Shu Mei, PURPOSE Organizer
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