So it was suggested to me this Spring that folks would love to pick my brain…maybe even join me for a workshop or two.
I’m offering a trial run of workshops on the BARE BONES of (self) BRANDING. Simple…at my house…and all I’m asking is a $5 LOVE OFFERING. Hence, #5DollaFriday.


9/19 6:30-8pm Who Are You?


Your website is your HOME. It is the place where any and everyone can find ALL things related to you and your work. We’ll talk a bit about what needs to be there (and what doesn’t) and how to make it look real niiiiiiice. You may also catch a few fancy terms like SEO or social media integration…watch out now!

9/26 6:30-8pm Uh-huh, Keep Talking

E-mail Marketing

So you have a website, and it looks fly — well how do you keep your audience updated? Why, a MAILING LIST of course! We’ll talk compiling contacts and setting up your mailing list. This time we’ll play with the MailChimp monkeys since they’re free.99. You may want to bring a banana!

10/10 6:30-8pm Now Meet New People

Social Media (Twitter)

Alright, you’ve got a website and a mailing list. You so fancy! Now how do you get your non-friends to know you? Well Twitter is always a fun place to start, particularly #BlackTwitter, the best mixture of intelligently ratchet folks you could ever find on the internets. Let me introduce you to a few and give you some tips on how to get in the conversations (and maybe even sip a lil tea).

10/17 6:30-8pm And Get Your Meat on the Market

Social Media (Facebook & stuff)

What about other social media platforms you ask? Fine fine, we can talk about those too! Let’s talk Facebook pages vs. profiles. How to use Instagram. What in the world is a Vine? Hmmm, for this one we may need some wine!


Come if you can. Tell a friend if you can’t. We might make this a regular thing if all goes well. It’s up to YOU, after all that’s who I’m here to SUPPORT.