The PURPOSE Productions team is a collection of brilliant and radical minds who have committed to the collaborative, mothering work that PURPOSE does. While our team does have Liberation Levels, these roles are not hierarchical and are framed by a combination of capacity, skills, and current commitment to PURPOSE as a growing institution.

Learn more about how we define our roles in Our Language.

PURPOSE Productions practices a collective leadership model. Our CEO (Creator.Emancipator.Oracle) and VPs (Visioning Partners) engage in shared practice and decision-making to guide our team and facilitate support for our Sojourners.

A. Nia Austin-Edwards
A. Nia Austin-Edwards Creator.Emancipator.Oracle (CEO). Mother. Organizer.

The praxis of collective care is what Nia has built a life around through writing, performing, creating, marketing, listening, mothering, and… [read more]

Regina E. Dowdell
Regina E. DowdellVisioning Partner (VP) for Institutional Clarity. Organizer. Liberator.

Digital Storyteller, Creative Strategist, Social Media Goddess [read more]

Tara L. Daniels
Tara L. DanielsVisioning Partner (VP) for Institutional Thriving. Organizer. Liberator.

Your Favorite Bougie Black Auntie [read more]

The PURPOSE Productions team consists of Organizers, Workers, and Supporters who are the primary collaborators for our work with Sojourners. These individuals bring their diverse expertise to every engagement along with a commitment to mothering creative work through the lens of PURPOSE’s values.

they/ them
Witch. Architect of Black futures. Farmer. Artist.
Denise Shu Mei
Denise Shu MeiOrganizer. Worker. Liberator.
Mover, Bodyworker, Being
Jessica D. Lee
Jessica D. LeeLeading Organizer. Organizer. Liberator.
Dance and Teaching Artist, Arts and Administrative Organizer, Creative Collaborator
Joshua Bristow
Joshua BristowOrganizer. Worker.
Lauren Soares
Lauren SoaresWorker. Organizer.
artist, lover, dreamer
Marisol Ybarra
Marisol YbarraLeading Organizer. Organizer.
Healer, social justice advocate, reader who loves bad tv, podcasts, and golf
Maya Simone Z.
Maya Simone Z.Organizer. Worker.
Art Maker, Facilitator, Educator
Mshairi Siyanda
Mshairi SiyandaWorker.
Educator, Creative, Nurturer, Artivist, Justice Seeker
Riley Alexander Walsh
Riley Alexander Walsh Worker. Supporter.
they/them or he/him
Healer, Writer, Lover of All
Shannan Elaine Clarke
Shannan Elaine ClarkeOrganizer. Worker.
Dreamer. Advocate. Agitator. Connector. Mother.
Ziiomi Law
Ziiomi LawLeading Organizer. Organizer. Worker.
Shape Shifter | Mover & Shaker
Maria Smith Dautruche
Maria Smith DautrucheSupporter.
Seeker. Agitator. Connector.

Photo Credits: A. Nia Austin-Edwards by Gerry Eastman, Timothy Edwaujonte by ShocPhoto Imagery, Jessica Lee by Anna Lueck, Joshua Bristow by Hannah Broder