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Who We Be

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The PURPOSE Productions team is a collection of brilliant and radical minds who have committed to the collaborative, mothering work that PURPOSE does. While our team does have Liberation Levels, these roles are not hierarchical and are framed by a combination of capacity, skills, and current commitment to PURPOSE as a growing institution.

Learn more about how we define our roles in Our Language.

A. Nia Austin-Edwards
A. Nia Austin-Edwards Creator.Emancipator.Oracle (CEO). Founder. Organizer.

The idea of support is what Nia has built a life around through writing, performing, creating, marketing, listening, caring, and… [read more]

Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte
Timothy Prolific EdwaujonteVisioning Partner (VP) for Institutional Culture. Supporter. Liberator.

Tim is a poet, writer, publisher, activist, and champion of independent artists… [read more]

Sydnie L. Mosley
Sydnie L. MosleyVisioning Partner (VP) for Institutional Thriving. Organizer. Liberator.

Sydnie is an award winning artist-activist and educator who is interested in creative work that is both artistically sound and socially aware…. [read more]

Cristine Davis
Cristine DavisSupporter. Liberator.
Dancer, Teacher, Communications, Operations, Policy
Danielle Anderson
Danielle AndersonWorker.
Denise Shu Mei
Denise Shu MeiOrganizer. Worker. Liberator.
Mover, Arts & Cultural Worker, Project Manager
Eddie Terry
Eddie TerrySupporter.
Francesca Axam-Hocker
Francesca Axam-HockerSupporter. Liberator.
Jessica D. Lee
Jessica D. LeeLeading Organizer. Organizer. Liberator.
Dance and Teaching Artist, Arts and Administrative Organizer, Creative Collaborator
Liz Law
Liz LawLeading Organizer. Organizer. Worker.
Shape Shifter | Mover & Shaker
Maria Smith Dautruche
Maria Smith DautrucheLeading Organizer. Organizer.
Strategic Alignment Practitioner & Power Broker
Matthew Dicken
Matthew DickenOrganizer.
Non-Binary Femme Storyteller, Facilitator, Teaching Artist
Melanie Greene
Melanie GreeneOrganizer.
Candy Eater, Crocheter, Creator, Collaborator
Regina E. Dowdell
Regina E. DowdellLeading Organizer. Organizer. Liberator.
Digital Storyteller, Creative Strategist, Social Media Goddess
Petra Valoma
Petra ValomaSupporter.
Simone Lee Sobers
Simone Lee SobersSupporter.
Activist, Artist, & Dreamer
Tara L. Daniels
Tara L. DanielsLeading Organizer. Organizer. Liberator.
Artist at the Intersection of Social Justice and Education

Photo Credits: A. Nia Austin-Edwards by Gerry Eastman, Timothy Jones by Bas Clark, Sydnie L. Mosley by Ferima Faye, Melanie Greene by Larry Rosalez, Francesca Axam-Hocker by ShocPhoto