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PURPOSE Productions supports artists and organizers in the manifestation of
PURPOSE-full work that seeks to unify and develop our world community.

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Can I just tell y’all how many letters I’ve had to write in the past two months? About how we can’t live business as usual, how we must respond, how now more than ever, how this moment matters, how much work we’ve gotta do . . . and while I’m so glad the folks we’re supporting want to speak up and speak out, I’ve gotta acknowledge an important truth . . .

We BEEN responding, protesting, activating, challenging injustice for A LONG TIME!

One of the reasons I LOVE the folks we work is because they’re about THAT WORK. Their missions are rooted in the collective thriving that PURPOSE Productions is also visioning. All we gotta do is TRUST. Trust that we know, that our ancestors got us, that our spirits know, that we been here before and now’s the time to dig into that legacy of liberation.

We want to support that digging. After another exciting round of team training, we learned that we’ve got more to give! We’ve decided to craft our PURPOSE-full training experience into a professional development and strategic visioning workshop where ANYONE can bring, cultivate, and liberate their dreams.

Is there a vision, idea, event, or project you’ve been sittin’ on? JOIN US March 11th and 12th in Bed-Stuy! Imagine strategic planning, marketing, management, and evaluation skills swirled around in joy, laughter, and good food. Our workshop has all that and more.

We’ve come to understand that sharing our work, our process, our methodologies is the magic we’re offering in 2017. Whether you wear us, work with us, or learn from us…stay tuned.

We gon’ get free TOGETHER!

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WE DID IT: A Taste of PURPOSE Training

IT  HAPPENED. We trained a new PURPOSE-full team.

Yes, it’s nearly two months later. Yes, it took that long for what we did to sink in, and it’s still marinating. The newest member of our leadership team, Sydnie L. Mosley, said “Everybody NEEDS this experience!” While I haven’t quite figured out how to make that possible (please believe I’m tryin’ though), I would like to share a glimpse of our weekend in hopes that the ripples will continue.

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What does it mean to craft a PURPOSE-full hiring process?

Today is the last day to apply to join the PURPOSE team…well, it was supposed to be. But over the past few weeks, I done heard through the grapevine that folk ain’t quite clear about what we’re doing, who we’re looking for, how we work and and and… While I thought stating “We value transparency and welcome any questions that may arise from our work or this process” would be enough to bring those questions straight to me, life ain’t always that simple. And since we’re doin thangs in our purpose-full, liberated, revolutionary way – well, let’s just say our way might seem a bit foreign.

This revolutionary entrepreneurial practice that centers humanity over productivity is my contribution to the legacy of liberation that grounds me.


First and foremost, everything we do begins with a question of purpose. Not the simple, transactional kind where more work equals more people; but the deep, reflective kind that asks: how do we build a powerful team that works collectively and creatively while feeling empowered to self-determine? (There go those Kwanzaa principles again.)

In this hiring experience folks will name themselves, shine to their fullest, and build skills that will support them well beyond the work they might do for us. This revolutionary entrepreneurial practice that centers humanity over productivity is my contribution to the legacy of liberation that grounds me.

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