Angela’s Pulse creates and produces collaborative performance work dedicated to building community and illuminating bold, new stories. They provide a home for interdisciplinary collaborations that thrive on both politics and play, and we are committed to developing timely performance works that provoke, inform and inspire. Co-founded by Paloma and Patricia McGregor, Angela’s Pulse was named for their mother Angela, an artist, teacher and activist who continues to inspire their work. Current projects include Dancing While Black and Building A Better Fishtrap.

PURPOSE Productions has served as a Managing Partner to Angela’s Pulse since 2018, building on a six-year relationship with the company and its founder, Paloma McGregor. Our connection to Angela’s Pulse is quite personal as it began with our founder Nia performing in Paloma McGregor’s iterative choreographic work, Building A Better Fishtrap, in 2012. Our current partnership provides increased project management, marketing, and fundraising capacity to Angela’s Pulse. PURPOSE also supports Paloma’s visioning towards the future of both creative and community work of the organization and its projects.
From 2013-2018, PURPOSE Productions supported Angela’s Pulse by managing