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PURPOSE Productions does not offer preset packages. Our work always depends on the goals, needs, and resources each project has. The list below provides a selection of our services, but we always like to start with a conversation that includes questions such as: What kind of support do you need? What goals would you want us to help you meet? What is your definition of success? After each conversation we follow up with a simple service proposal with rates that balance your budget with the workload that best meets your needs. Our rates are somewhat negotiable and we are happy to discuss barters and other non-monetary exchanges.

The visioning partnership is where unity meets creativity with purpose as the foundation. This offering has developed out of PURPOSE’s own leadership model and is generally a mid-term (6 months to one year) commitment to the growth, activation, and delegation of your vision. We often begin our partnership with a strategic visioning and planning session (1-2 hours) where we define our objectives for the term and how this role integrates with any existing organizational and team structure. Then we schedule a series of check-in conversations and define a preliminary timeline for meeting the stated objectives.
Our hope is that after this series of regular meetings with us, you will not only be clear about long-term roles, goals, and objectives for your company, but also understand the action steps you will take and the community you will lean into along the way. Additionally, it is possible that our partnership might expand to include other PURPOSE services and engage PURPOSE as a member of your company’s leadership.

Strategic thinking is at the center of all purpose-FULL work. Strategic planning is an organizational management activity that sets priorities, focuses energy and resources, strengthens operations, and ensures everyone is working toward common goals. Our process includes assessment conversations with stakeholders (staff, board leadership, etc.) followed by a research and review period during which we prepare to facilitate a Strategic Planning Session with your team. While we will define some decision-making practices based on your leadership structure, this will be a time for every voice to be heard. Following the Planning Session, we provide reflections, feedback, and suggestions to guide you in implementation and continued strategic practices moving forward.

  • Strategic Consultation
  • Campaign Management: Our support usually includes helping to choose a crowdfunding platform, design the campaign (including ask-video guidance as needed), promote that campaign, and track donations and rewards. Rates for supporting campaigns range depending on the campaign length (usually 30-60 days), which promotional elements we’re managing (e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram), and how often we check-in during the campaign.

Our consultation/training service rates are based on meeting time and frequency and includes reviewing related materials prior to each conversation. These conversations can be framed around a variety of themes aligned to any of the services above along with related subjects such as press release writing, life organization and time management, grants and fundraising practices, and more.

PURPOSE Productions is equipped to manage marketing for organizations and individuals. This support always begins with research and strategy development which can then be implemented through any of the following: social media, e-mail, website management, graphic design, online listings, marketing partnerships, advertising, etc. Rates are based on which services best fit your needs, strategic goals and budget.

  • Strategic Consultation: PURPOSE can offer our expertise as you develop your marketing strategy. These conversations can be specific to certain promotional tools (i.e. website, social media, etc.) or focus more broadly on how these tools are integrated to support a highly engaged online audience.
  • Comprehensive Management: Similar to Comprehensive Marketing Management, PURPOSE can develop, implement, and assess digital marketing strategy across a variety of promotional platforms selected by what best fits your goals and needs.
  • Social Media
    • Social Media Consultation
    • Social Media Management: PURPOSE Productions can create and manage content (organic and/or paid) on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram profiles. For individuals, we can also guide supplementary content which would include more personal posts. Strategy and voice are assessed regularly through meetings and analytics and adjusted as needed. Our posting generally happens at one of three frequencies:
      • Low
      • Medium
      • High
  • E-mail
    • E-mail Strategy Consultation: PURPOSE can provide a range of advisement on your e-mail marketing strategy, which can include creating a template and providing you with basic training and best practices for engaging with your online community.
    • E-mail Marketing Management: PURPOSE creates and sends e-mail newsletters and/or updates on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. basis. Our preferred platform is MailChimp, but we have also worked with Constant Contact, iContact, and other tools. Additionally, in select cases we can learn new platforms.
  • Websites
    • Website Review & Consultation
    • Website Design: Our websites are eye-catching and mobile-friendly while also integrating social media platforms and supporting current design trends and best practices. Rates depend on the amount of content and desired functionality (i.e. slideshows, store, blogs, calendars, etc). Turnaround time can range from 8-12 weeks depending upon the length of the editing and review process.
    • Website Management: PURPOSE can manage web updates at a rate based on how frequently and comprehensive those updates are. While we prefer to work with WordPress sites, we also have experience working in Squarespace and Wix, and in some cases we can learn new platforms.

Our production services range and can be combined to fit the needs of a variety of creative and community projects. Some examples include:

  • Rehearsal Management (scheduling, booking, etc.)
  • Venue Liaison (communication management, etc.)
  • Event Management (visioning support, budget management, partnership development, on-site staff, etc.)
  • Production Management (venue communication, on-site staff, etc.)
  • Budget and Financial Management (budget development, funds tracking, etc.)

Caring for children is as integral to the support of creative work as any other business-related service. Everyone on our team has some experience with children, whether it be formal babysitting or simply helping out with family. We are not a licensed childcare provider, however, we can connect you with members of our team for one-on-one care at your discretion. We can also support family-friendly events by organizing partnerships with child care cooperatives and other licensed care providers.

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