“your girl is going through it. I can’t say if it’s all these planetary transitions, the continued attack of white cishetero patriarchy, my brain and body deciding to be full of static, or all of the above. But I am here and that continues to be a miracle. I was looking through some old emails today and stumbled upon something I emailed to myself that I thought about sharing with you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in August 2020. I’m taking it as something I need to remind myself of. I thought others might like to read it so take what you need, leave the rest, and keep on keeping on.”

~ from PURPOSE Leader T.L. Daniels

T.L. Daniels, wearing a black long-sleeved top and a patterned red scarf, sits in a dialogue with Sarita, a workshop participant wearing a short-sleeved gray top with longer purple sleeves under it. In the background are other seated participants.

Ego and purpose are not the same thing. There is nothing wrong with ego. Yet, a lot of us, myself included, are sometimes so focused on the illusion of self, of being seen as the star or the hero of the story, that we can easily lose sight of our purpose (side note: ego and insecurity can be definitely linked to one another).

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Purpose does not have to be a grand thing.

It does not need to be a whirlwind of magic.

Purpose may be one small thing, like staying alive or making others feel loved. It can be multiple things, layered in a way that clothes us in unique ways.

Purpose does not need to be housed in a job and a career path.

Purpose is not always tied to a craft or a project.

It’s wonderful if it does that for you. But it’s fine if it doesn’t. Purpose, once it is discovered, shapes our lives beyond capitalism.

Are you resting? Not just taking a nap, but truly resting?

Are you constantly pushing yourself for someone else's dream?

Are you constantly grinding because of your ego? Are you investing in your long-term rest?

One thing I’m beginning to learn is that one can rest and still work with their purpose.

The idea that one has to go go go to live a purpose isn’t necessarily true. So rest. Observe yourself and the world around you. Find joy in the in-between moments that can sometimes be lost.

Purpose will find a way if you let it.