PURPOSE Productions is seeking radical and brilliant beings to join our team as PURPOSE-full Workers & Organizers.

After fours of watching dreams grow into this living, breathing institution that supports individuals and organizations in a variety of ways, we’re excited open our doors to new team members this summer and embark on a collective training experience that will increase capacity and give our founder some real space to breathe.

We’re looking for dreamers, creators, marketers, web designers, lovers, do-ers, social media magic makers, baby whisperers and ANYONE who values organizing through the arts. Learn more about who we’re looking for HERE.

Our team is built on autonomy and trust. Currently, staff meetings are once a month (in person or virtual) and team members are otherwise allowed to work on their own schedules. We do not count hours and we think micromanaging is just plain stupid. Our success is defined by the goals of our sojourners (read: clients) and fulfillment of each project’s purpose. Our work is collaborative, creative, cultural, and spiritual and we would be honored to share it with someone(s) who understands all of this. Applicants don’t necessarily have to be based in NY (we love a good Google hangout); we’re just looking for committed, independent community members who are interested in supporting artists and organizers in a wide variety of ways.

Check out the full call for applicants HERE.
And learn more about the process HERE.
Interested folks can apply at bit.ly/PURPOSE-team-app.

Our training will blend philosophies & values of PURPOSE-full work with skills necessary to be successful on our team – from clear communication & strategic thinking to marketing & production management. It’ll also be a professional development opportunity open to the broader arts community for a nominal fee of $150. If you’re interested, LET US KNOW.

Every member of our team works on a project-basis. PURPOSE-full Workers & Organizers can expect to make an average of $1,000-$8,000 per year, depending on the number of projects they support.

Contact anae[at]PURPOSEproductions.org with any additional questions you might have.